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Legal information on trading in used software

The European Court of Justice made a clear decision in its judgment of July 3, 2012 (AZ C 128/11): Used software licenses may be resold, there is no longer a difference between DVD and download. The judgment identified a number of conditions that must be met in order for such licenses to be effectively transferred.

These are presented below.
1. The copyright owner must “for a fee such as he/she
intended to enable an economic value of the copy of the one belonging to him
To achieve remuneration corresponding to the work, also a right to this copy
to use indefinitely”.
2. The original license must be “The subject of a first sale in the European
Union by the copyright holder”.
3. The original purchaser must “have their own copy at the time of resale
rendered unusable".
4. The second purchaser "is not entitled to use the license he has acquired [...]
split up and the right to use the computer program in question for
to resell a number of users determined by him."

confirmation confirms to the buyer that
the above-mentioned requirements of the ECJ when purchasing according to the invoice and
delivery note are completely fulfilled


There is a lot of legal information on the subject of used software. We would be happy to clarify certain questions for you. You can contact us at any time via  . In the meantime, here is a brief overview of the most important legal information.

  • We only offer product keys for activating the respective computer programs. This is not a license yet.

  • The license is only formed from the respective installation and the subsequent acceptance of the terms of use, which regulates the right of use between you and the respective manufacturer.

  • As a rule, the principle of exhaustion applies or the license is "used up" as soon as it has been lawfully placed on the market for the first time. This offer is software that has been put on the market for unlimited use in the form of an activatable product key with the option to download the program. Microsoft or the respective other software provider has received appropriate remuneration for this.

  • We give you access to used licenses from volume license agreements that are particularly attractive in terms of price. From a legal point of view, these are to be treated in exactly the same way as parts of volume licenses when they are first purchased.

  • All brand names and brand logos are registered trademarks, the use of which is only used here to describe the product - the property right lies with the respective brand owner.

  • With the purchase of the product key, you gain the opportunity to use the computer program properly.

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